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The International Blue Cooperative (IBC) was initiated by the active members of BioMarine Community in 2019. In the past years, we realized the potential of the blue economy and the lack of organisation in marine ingredients market. The demand is growing but most of the suppliers are isolated and have no access to the potential buyers, so not able to answer industry requirements in terms of volumes and quality of products and practices.

Therefore, we aim to create a global network of blue producers working with industry to produce the next generation of products that will be used in feed, food cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and much more.

The International Blue Cooperative aims to stimulate local economic diversification through the sustainable exploitation of indigenous coastal and marine species.

We help communities to manage their ocean resources, support them to build their skills and develop commercial relationships with the private sector to create ecologically sustainable and socially viable models that are locally owned and managed.

International Blue Cooperative is registered in Quebec-Canada under the name “Bleu International, Coopérative de Solidarité” with the support of the Coopérative Régionale de développement du Québec (CDRQ).

Who can join?

User members:

  • Harvesters and farmers of low trophic marine species
  • Processors of marine raw ingredients
  • Technology providers transforming raw and processed ingredients into high-end compounds and products
  • Cooperatives regrouping at least one of the three following categories on the national scale

Supporting bodies:

  • Industry members looking to purchase qualitative and sustainable ingredients for their own product lines
  • Investors scouting for new investment opportunities in a growing sector
  • NGOs and other supporting bodies

Our commitment

Constructing sustainable policies to exploit marine ingredients often fail in spite of the efforts to resonate with the needs of rural and coastal communities. Contrary to general opinion, the solution lies far beyond simple economics.

We see it like clockwork, all elements of society must be taken into account: politics, economics, social, environmental, educational, health… all the pieces must continuously work together to ensure a viable system that guarantees the community’s growth and well-being.

Maintaining traditional ecological knowledge

International Blue Cooperative works with native communities to allow them to share and protect their know-how to support scientific advances.

Best Practices Guidelines

A set of Best Practices Guidelines will ensure the best standards for our members in community management, ethics, environment, harvesting and farming, production, food safety and traceability. These guidelines will harmonize management between our cooperatives and ensure the best quality for our industry partners.


Many remote areas are victim of high unemployment rates and low education levels. International Blue Cooperative will partner with local universities to develop special education programs and traineeships to increase the value of the workforce and encourage employment of local people.

Community Well-being

The community is as strong as its members. This is why International Blue Cooperative will foster new social programs to better local living standards. From awareness campaigns on blue circular economy to building new infrastructures, we want to ensure the well-being of locals enhancing local implication in the cooperative project. 

BioMarine Label

A key element of our strategy is innovation. We encourage our members to go further and find more solutions to make our actions more qualitative and more sustainable. The most innovative of these cooperatives will be awarded with the BioMarine Label, a nomination that aims to increase their image for further partnerships and investments.

Creating local value

International Blue Cooperative aims to help rural communities invest in new equipment and facilities in order to scale up in the value chain from basic marine ingredients to high end finished products. This will increase local employment and reduce the communities carbon footprint.

Trading platform

Negotiating in the current blue economy requires to deal with several contacts at once and numerous layers of business channels. We believe modern companies need a faster, simpler and unified solution to this problem and the International Blue Cooperative can offer this solution. Through a platform, we will facilitate interactions between the producers and the industry players through the IBC platform.

This will help to automate all transactions between members and allow them to collect relevant data on the blue economy and on upcoming trends.

Our board

Kimberly Buffitt

President, Lower North Shore Bioproducts Solidarity Cooperative

Craig Fleener
Vice President

Alaska Ocean Cluster

Antoine Erwes
General Manager

General Manager,
International Blue Cooperative

Maria Stewart

Brand owner, BoSens

Pierre Erwes

Chairman, BioMarine Organization


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14 Baylis West, G0G2P0, Rivière Saint Paul
Québec, Canada

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